How to choose a removal company near Shipley

How to choose a removal company near Shipley in 10 easy steps

Just how do you choose the right removal company?

Choosing the right removal company for your house move can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many removal companies out there. So we at Barrons Removals & Storage have put together 10 easy steps on ‘ How to choose a removal company near Shipley ‘.

Moving house comes top of the list of one of life’s most stressful and anxiety inducing tasks. With so many household items to organise and pack, it can be difficult to know where to start.

How to choose a removal company near Shipley in 10 easy steps
How to choose a removal company near Shipley in 10 easy steps

1. Do your online research

Local removals companies will have a better understanding of your local area’s transport links, traffic black spots and parking,  so they will arrange for the correct vehicle or vehicles to suit your exact requirements.

Make a shortlist of removal companies you will ask to quote:

  • Do they provide all the services I require ?  i.e. packing services, packing materials or maybe secure storage
  • Are they national or local and if so, do they cover my area ?
  • What have previous customers said about them ?  Which brings us to section 2.

2. Do their customers back up their claims?

With a quick online search you can check the companies online feedback or reviews on independent sites such as Google, TrustPilot or

Positive endorsements of a service is one of the strongest factors in making a decision to book, so when doing your research pay attention to what people say about them.

Word of mouth recommendations are a great way to find a reliable removals company.

If they had a good experience and said the company were punctual and reliable.

3. Be organised plan ahead

The whole process of moving house can be time consuming to plan and schedule in.

If you book late, there might not be availability for your moving date, particularly in the busy summer months as most removal companies are fully booked well in advance.

Contact with the removals company early and ensure to give yourself enough time to avoid disappointment and make alternative arrangements.

Also a good point  to consider is moving on a less sought after day of the week, such as Midweek or maybe even the weekend.

Try to avoid Friday’s everyone seems to aim towards Friday’s so Friday’s do get booked up very quickly with most removal companies.

4. Get at least 3 estimates / quotations

Obtain at least 3 estimates / quotations from the short listed removal companies. Compare the quotations for the difference in services offered etc.

Also remember that the cheapest quotation is not necessarily the best. If certain services you require are not listed that you later require on your moving day, this will incur additional fees.

5.  Do they have quality standards ?

Many removal companies use quality management systems as a management tool to ensure they deliver consistent service.

Check to see if the company has a formal approach to managing quality, or carries a quality accreditation to help them maintain their quality standards.

6. Check What is Insured and what isn’t 

Know the difference between the different insurance types on offer.

Most removal companies offer limited liability insurance, which means they protect your goods to a certain value whilst in transit.

Check what you are covered for and when.

7. Ask about what happens if you postpone, cancel or delays

Make sure you check what happens in the event your move is delayed(postponed) or even cancelled.

Many times there are disruptions to the chain which means you can’t get into your house until later that day or sometimes even the next day.

Do they have the capacity to help you out in this event, and if not, can they get another removals company to assist you ?

8. Additional services you may require

Ask about any other services they might offer.

Such services might include:

  • Packing and unpacking in your new house
  • Furniture assembly/disassembly
  • Specialist crate or protective packing for antiques

9. Do they offer storage ?

Another important factor to consider when choosing your removals company is the availability of storage.

Many people who move each year are unaware that some removal companies with large warehouses also offer this as an additional or even standalone service.

Storage can come in very handy if you’re staging your move at different times or if you are moving overseas.

10. Vehicle options

Depending on the size of the company and whether or not they are local or national, they may have a variety of vehicles.

It is well worth asking which ones they can offer for you, especially if you are relocating to a hard-to reach destination or if you think there might be access issues at either end of your move.

Smaller vehicles such as 3.5 ton luton vans might be more versatile in completing your house removal.

How to choose a removal company near Shipley


We hope you found this article ‘ How to choose a removal company near Shipley ‘ useful and you are now also better informed on each stage of your house removal.

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At Barrons Removals & Storage we are a family run business based in Bradford and Huddersfield and have been moving businesses and people for many years !! we not only cover local moves but also National removals and would love to quote you for your move.

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How to choose a removal company near Shipley in 10 easy steps

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