Tissue Packing Paper (50)



[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]50 x SHEETS OF WHITE ACID FREE TISSUE PAPER 500 x 750mm

Product Type: 50 x Sheets of White ACID Free Tissue Paper 500 x 750mm

Description: These acid free tissue papers are pure white which gives Luxury feel, made from 18gsm. You can use this tissue paper for packaging, interleaving and protecting small items like jewellery and metallic objects such as gold, dispatching and wrapping crockery/cutlery. It also helps you to protect from dust, stains and moisture.

Size:  500 x 750mm

Quantity: 50 Sheets

Colour: Pure White

Common Usage: Widely Used for wrapping delicate items, professional look,wrapping crockery/cutlery etc. Heavily used in the removals industry.

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